Q: My child takes daily meds. Is that a problem?
 No just fill out the medical forms and turn them in with the meds on Sunday when you check in your camper and the nurse will make sure your child gets their meds everyday.

Q: I am not Orthodox and would like my child to come to camp?
 We would love to have them! Although the Orthodox faith is very much involved throughout the week, St. Vladimir’s is still a summer camp for all children.

Q: Can my child bring a cell phone?
 We ask that campers do not bring cell phones or other electric devices. If you feel that you need them to bring one; they can bring one but we ask that it stays in the cabin and know that camp is not responsable if something should happen to it. However, if a phone becomes a distraction to other campers we will ask that it be turned off and that parents use the direct line to the camp that is shown on the application forms.

Q: What is the ratio of campers to counselors?
 Our ratio is 1 counselor to 8 campers; sometimes it will be more like 1 counselor to 6 campers.

Q: My child is a picky eater what if they don’t eat?
 Our kitchen staff provides a variety of selections each day.  Picky campers have not been an issue in the past.

Q: Is there a lifeguard on staff?
 Yes, all three weeks have a certified lifeguard on staff.

Q: How many cabins are there?
 There are a total of 5 cabins and 1 cooks cabin at camp. There are 3 sleeping cabins for girls and 2 seperate cabins for the boys.

Q: If my child does not know how to swim is that a problem?
 No, the pool goes from 3 foot to 8 foot deep and if your child does not want to swim they can still sit by the pool with their feet in the water. We also try to incorporate a number of water involved activities outside of the pool, throughout the week so your child doesn’t miss out on any fun.

Q: Can I call my child?
A: We would prefer that you did not call your child, as they will be busy, but if you found the need to speak to your child then yes, you may call.

Q: Can I visit?
 We typically don’t encourage visits from parents during camping sessions. In the past, we would hold a Parent Night in the middle of the younger kids week, however we stopped after learning it tended to leave some of the children homesick. Visitations are now on a request/approval basis.

Q: What happens if my child gets home sick?
A: We will try our best to help them through it. We might have them call home. Most likely by Tuesday the children are no longer home sick because they are having too much fun.

Q: Is there a nurse on staff?
 Yes, all three weeks of camp have a RN on staff.