*St. Vladimir’s Camp & the NJSST are NOT responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items!

*Everything brought to camp must be clearly marked with camper’s name. (Permanent marker please!)

*Quantities are strongly suggested.  Due to unexpected weather and outdoor activities, campers often go through more than one outfit per day. Be sure they are prepared for this, and also, all types of weather (both hot and cold).

Bedding: – Fitted Sheet for (LONG) Twin-Sized Mattress- Sleeping Bag

– Pillow(s)

– Extra Sheets and Blankets (It can get VERY cold at night – Better to pack extra than not enough!!)


– Two Bath towels

– Shampoo/Conditioner

– Toothbrush/Toothpaste

– Brush/Comb

– Hair Dryer

– Any other hair items (hair ties, head bands, etc.)

– Soap/Body Wash

– Wash cloth or Loofa

– Any other Hygiene Products


– T-Shirts (10)

– Shorts (10)

– Jeans/Sweatpants (5)

– Sweatshirts (2)

– Socks (10)

– Underwear (10)

– Church Clothes

– Dress or Skirt/Blouse – Girls

– Dress Shirt and Nice Pants – Boys


– Sneakers (1-2)

– Sandals/Flip Flops (1)

– Church Shoes (1)

– Water Shoes/ Socks (1)

– Rain-boots or Crocs for rainy days

Outdoor Gear:– Rain Gear- Rain/Mud Boots

– Jacket

– MODEST Bathing Suit

– Beach Towel

– Sun Hat/Baseball Cap

Other Items:

– Reading material for Siesta Time

– Stationery/Postage

– Small Icon and/or Bible

– Camera with Memory Card or Film

– Baseball Glove – NO BALL

– Laundry Bag for Dirty Clothes

– Flashlight and Extra Batteries

-Water Bottle

– Insect Repellant – Must be turned in to counselor (Write child’s name on this object)

– Sunscreen – Must be turned in to counselor (Write child’s name on this object)

– Canteen Money ($10 Maximum)

– Campers are allowed to shop at Canteen at least once each day. Their choices range from chips and candy to popsicles and ice cream. Money must be left for them to be allowed to shop.

– Service Project Items – to be turned in upon arrival (See welcome letter for details)

– Items for Talent Night


– RECOMMENDED TO LEAVE CELL PHONES AT HOME (if your camper needs to reach you   or you want to talk to them you can call the camp directors cell numbers)

– TV’s or Mini DVD Players

– Radios, CD Players, MP3 Players

– Food Due to food allergies, no extra food will be allowed in the cabins

– Valuables (including jewelry)

– Immodest or Inappropriate clothing,

– Computer games or Nintendo DS, Gaming Systems

– Spray Paint – Campers will be sent home if they are found with spray paint!

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